AgForests Queensland 

The AgForests Queensland project was a unique partnership that brought together Queensland’s broadacre agricultural producers - AgForce Queensland and the timber industry - Timber Queensland to provide assistance to Queensland's primary producers and timber industry personnel from 2005 to 2011.  While the project is now complete, the valuable materials and information developed through the project are available on this website for use.

The AgForests website provides information on:

The AgForests project provided assistance and training to over 2500 producers and timber industry personnel across Queensland, plus produced a range of information guides and reports for producers and the timber industry to support Queensland's private native forest timber production sector.


An independent review of the AgForests Project in 2006 found a very high level of satisfaction with the products and services provided by AgForests. In particular, the review found:

  • Very high level of support for the services provided by the AgForests Forestry Advisor particularly with field days, workshops and property visits.
  • A more positive attitude to native forest in general, and much higher level of understanding of management options by users of AgForests services.
  • The users of AgForests had a much higher awareness and better understanding of their obligations under the Native forest practice code than non-users.